Normal relationship issues or something more?

If you're drowning in feelings of unworthiness and self-loathing because of your relationship, this newsletter can offer insights into what is happening and what you can do...

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    Kim Saeed,
    Post-Narcissistic Abuse Healing Facilitator & Confidence Coach

    Who is Kim Saeed?

    Following her own painful relationships with three different narcissists, Kim left her career as a school teacher to embark on empowering women to leave unhealthy relationships and reclaim their personal power.

    A nurturing source of support and guidance, this email series is designed to help you understand toxic relationships dynamics. Each email focuses on a different aspect of abuse and provides tips and strategies to help you break free.

    Who can benefit from this?

    This newsletter is for those who are suffocating under the weight of their marriage or relationship and are ready to take action to heal their lives. This series includes everything you need to get started. Discover things like...

    Is your relationship emotionally dangerous?
    ✅The biggest myth about healing from emotional abuse
    ✅A proven method for healing relationship trauma and why this method of healing has been vetted by psychologists and neuroscientists.

    + MUCH MORE!